01 Project Square
Home Screen

Project Square

Square in action, all new interface for easier consistent control.
01 Neo Theme
Browsing TV

Neo Theme

Neo theme in action, striking a balance between clarity and information.
02 Rush Theme
All New EHS

Rush Theme

Soultaker's personal theme.
04 Find Art
Overhauled UI

Find Art

Revamped FindArt user interface, with more artwork available.


Project Square

Project square brings more features and intuitive functionality so that users can enjoy an uncompromising pleasant experience.

Rush Theme in Progress

Excellent progress is being made on Rush, the media browser theme which follows a less is more approach to the traditional htpc interface. Hope to have some interesting news about Rush next month.

Major Neo Update

A monsterous Neo update with several views, enhancements, and fixes. Check it out on the community tracker for detailed information.